Debt Reduction Services

Liberty Consumer Services, Inc. was established as a result of the growing need for serious professional solutions to the overwhelming consumer debt problems in our country.  Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to people like you who are looking to reduce debt, avoid bankruptcy, stop creditors from calling, creditor harassment or free up extra cash each month.


Our services in the field of debt solutions have helped thousands of people burdened with the never ending cycle of financial prison through successful, goal oriented solutions to your debt problems.

We offer confidential, no obligation, free debt help consultations with our professional staff.  It's a call you and your family can't afford not to make!

If you are in need of debt reduction services, our experienced debt management professionals can help you reduce and eliminate your credit card bills and other unsecured debts.

Our Programs

  • Save Money
  • Consolidate Debts Into One Low Monthly Payment
  • Settle Your Debts For A Fraction Of The Current Balance
  • Stop Harassing Calls From Debt Collectors
  • Eliminate High Interest Rates And Late Fees
  • Improve Your Credit Rating
  • Relieve Your Debt Stress!