Who are our clients?

Our clients are individuals who have decided that they want to reduce their debts of $5000 or more of unsecured debt with either one or more creditor. This person is finding it difficult to get ahead financially and at times cannot keep up with their monthly expenses. This is usually due to a change in circumstances such as divorce, health problems, reduction in pay, loss of job or other major financial problems. Some have even tried other programs which have failed them.

What types of debt can be handled by the company?

Any unsecured debts meaning credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, cell phone bills, old utility bills, repossessed car debts, department store debts, charge offs, collection accounts, judgments, professional fees.

How do I know if I am right for your help?

You simply need a desire to reduce the debt in your life and have the willingness to do so. Through our initial interview we will go over the debt reduction options available for you. If at anytime together we determine you would benefit from a different type of debt service or course of action with your debt we will make that recommendation to you. We are here to help you get on the right path and see you through to success.

Do I have to be behind on my bills for your help?

No, in fact we have a large client base with individuals who were not behind with bills. However, many of these people were barely making their minimum payment on bills each month, although they were not behind. We understand that you have bills that have to be prioritized each month including your rent/mortgage payment, food, daycare and your utilities that must be paid, with the debt help services we offer many clients find it easier to make those necessary payments when, before entering the program they were having trouble doing so.

How much does it cost?

Our debt consultation is free as well as the application process. In addition we do not charge you any up front costs you simply begin the debt program with your first scheduled payment. We get paid when we resolve one of your debt accounts during the process. The funds come from the money you already owe to the creditors so you never get additional bills sent to you from us while in the program for our debt services. Any and all fees are included in your one single monthly payment for the debt program.

How fast will I see results?

Once you are set up in the program, creditors are contacted immediately with our notification letter and authorizations and then negotiation process begins. Depending on your schedule you may see an account resolved as early as 30-60 days later.

What is my payment based on?

The amount of debt you put in to your program and how quickly you want to resolve that debt. We will provide you with payment options and you make the determination what is best for your budget based on our quotes.

Where does the money I send go each month?

Into our attorney's trust type account for safe keeping until payment to your creditors is made.

When should I consider bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy should always be a last resort in solving financial problems. Bankruptcy is a short term solution with long term ramifications. First it will appear on your credit report for 10 years. Second it may harm your future by preventing you from applying for certain jobs, state licenses and many types of loans. Our firm will not handle bankruptcy matters. We seek to help clients considering such a solution to avoid such a drastic measure. However if at all during the program you wish additional information on bankruptcy a consultation with an attorney in the firm can be made for you at no additional cost to discuss your options. We want you to be comfortable and successful resolving your debt so if your financial circumstances change, we are right there with you providing the support you need with the flexibility to make sure your debt interests are protected.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation plans involve reorganizing your outstanding debts with your existing creditors. Money is not loaned and original creditors do not change, however, the terms and conditions under which the outstanding debt can be repaid usually changes significantly.The purpose of debt consolidation is to put you on a road to paying off your debts at a faster rate while at the same time making lower monthly payments. Using a debt consolidation plan usually helps improve your credit as well, since most creditors report payments received under this plan as prompt payment.

What does it mean to default on debt?

When you default on debt, you fail to make timely payments or follow other terms of the loan. There are two types of defaults; monetary and covenant. When an owner fails to make any payment due under the mortgage, it is considered a monetary default. When the owner fails to follow through on any other terms of the loan, it is considered a covenant default.