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Each year millions of individuals and their families are faced with financial hardships caused by excessive credit card debt and the compounding interest rates associated with that debt. Consumer debt has more than doubled in the last 10 years making it harder for families to cope with their daily expenses and increasing debt. There is an alternative to living with the debt. Debt reduction is the most effective and powerful method of eliminating unsecured debts available today. At Liberty Consumer Services we work for you with a customized program designed to help you out of debt, eliminating debt as quickly as possible and within your available means. We do not work for your creditors therefore it is our goal to get rid of your unsecured debt without additional interest, fees or long term payment plans with your best financial interests in mind.


Debt reduction is the preferred method of eliminating debt throughout the country and the main reason is that debt reduction works. Before becoming clients of our company many found it difficult or near impossible to keep up with their basic monthly debt obligations. Through our exclusive debt help services we have helped thousands of people become debt free and regain control over their lives and finances, let us help you too!

Let us design a debt elimination and debt reduction program for you by using one of the following effective debt help program guidelines.

Whichever program you choose the goal is the same; the elimination of your debt, hassle free and worry free with professionalism and services matched by no other company.

- Freedom Plus Program

- Freedom Now Program